Small Steps Early Intervention Program has truly been a blessing for my daughter Clara and our family.  Clara spent her first 3.5 months in the hospital.  She was born with a rare malformation of the lymphatic system which causes severe swelling in the neck and necessitates a tracheostomy and g-tube.  When she finally came home, she was so far behind in every respect we were very worried about her.  She had such an unnatural start to life- confined to a hospital bed with all these monitors attached to her and having multiple operations and procedures.  We feared that she would not only have physical problems, but developmental and emotional as well.  Fortunately, we got the Small Steps team on board right away.  

We started with PT and Education and later added Speech and Vision.  I cannot say enough about the expertise, the knowledge, the dedication, and the caring of all our therapists.  They are all the very best at what they do and at the same time made us feel like Clara was their only patient.  Lise Petricone, Clara’s PT and the director of Small Steps did an amazing job of coordinating and overseeing everything, advocating for Clara, and helping us to be better advocates for our daughter.  The advances Clara began making almost immediately were miraculous.  Before our eyes, she was quickly turning into a happy and interactive baby.  What joy!

We honestly would have been lost without Small Steps, especially during those first few months at home.  The therapists gave us the wisdom and confidence and hope we needed.  Clara continued to blossom through the help of her therapists who showed Clara so much love (that is really the only word I can use).  We were thrilled when she was able to start the Small Steps Pre-School program at age 2. With all of Clara’s physical issues, socializing with others her age has been a challenge.  Pre-school has changed all of that in a hurry! Clara has again made huge leaps of progress.  Inspired by her peers, she has become much more vocal, physically strong, playful, and confident. She is thrilled to get on the school bus every morning and comes home singing the songs she has learned each afternoon. We are truly thankful for Small Steps and would highly recommend all the therapists and programs.  They are an extraordinary group of people who approach their job as a calling and with so much love.



Our daughter Ella experienced a lack of oxygen during childbirth which resulted in severe brain injuries leaving her both mentally and physically impaired. At three months old she was discharged from the hospital and the Small Steps Agency was recommended to us for her early intervention services.

Small Steps has been providing services for her ever since she came home. She receives physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and special education. The therapists have all been exceptional with our daughter and with educating our family as a whole. They have been extremely caring and crucial to our daughter’s development. In addition, they have provided us with support in navigating the daily challenges of raising a child with special needs which can be very overwhelming.

Everyone we have dealt with at Small Steps, which extends beyond the therapists, have been extremely professional, highly knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Small Steps has really gone beyond what we could have ever expected when we started early intervention services for our daughter. We would recommend that any family needing services for their child choose the Small Steps Agency and they can be confident that they will be getting the best services for their child.

Ella’s Mom & Dad
March 2013