Center-Based Services:

In September 2001, Small Steps expanded to include a Center-based program. This program provides a 2-½ hour classroom experience for children in either a morning or an afternoon session. Eight to twelve children attend class with a special education teacher and one to two assistants. Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapists work with the children while in school and provide consultation with classroom staff as needed. Our facility has classrooms, individual therapy rooms, and evaluation room, an indoor gym/play area, a sensory room and a gross motor therapy room.

This expansion of Small Steps was designed to assist the transition from home-based services as your child grows. It is done in conjunction with your team of therapists and with the approval of your service coordinator. If your child is receiving special education services they are eligible for the center-based component of early intervention.

The classrooms at Small Steps are language based. The children have the opportunity to socially interact with same age peers. Communication between families and staff is done through written notebooks and phone calls on as needed basis. We view communication as an essential part of our successful program for the children. Activities are developmentally based and encompass fine and gross motor skills, communication skills, social/emotional development, and self-help skills (i.e. feeding, toileting, etc.). The children all really enjoy school and families are surprised by the growth and development they see with their children.

The Early Intervention Program is funded and regulated by the New York State Department of Health and, in Rockland County by the Rockland County Department of Health. All therapists are registered and licensed in the state of New York.

Facility-Based Services:

In addition to center-based classroom services and therapies, Small Steps provides Facility-based occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. Our sensory room and physical therapy room, as well as our speech therapy rooms, are designed to offer individualized therapy to your child in a safe, caring environment.